Beating the Butter Into Submission?

I have twenty-four drafts saved in this blog. I don't have to read them to know they're all utter crap, because I had nothing to say. I've been trying to repurpose this blog, trying to come up with a new theme that isn't as... You know... Bitchy. I know, I know, you love my rants… Continue reading Beating the Butter Into Submission?

Surviving Myself

I keep on writing and rewriting posts, hoping at least one of them will be entertaining. They're not. Oh, well. Too bad for you. There are a lot of things I don't say. Everyone thinks I constantly speak my mind, and I do, for the most part, but some things are just so heartbreaking that… Continue reading Surviving Myself


This blog expires in twenty-two days, unless I renew it. I've had this blog for years now as a faithful companion on nights where my pride, my anger, or my frustrations kept me up at night, but I find I am not the same person, or writer, that I was when I started this blog.… Continue reading Renewal