WTF is This?

Who Still Reads Blogs started as my creative outlet for really terrible comedy “essays.” As the years have gone by, I’m starting to get sick of my jokes. So, I’ve opened the blog up to different writers.

WSRB has evolved into a whole different blog. Now, it functions as a place where writers can submit their work so that others can see it. The point is to promote the importance of the written word. As writers, we are artists. We can create an alternate reality, play with our readers’ emotions, or even make a social impact. The opportunities are endless, but there’s nowhere to publish these things except on our own shitty blogs that we force our friends to read.

Instead, WSRB wants to consolidate all those blogs into one big boring blog. No, I’m sorry, I’m joking. WSRB wants to create a culture of reading, sharing, and admiring each other’s work. If we join forces as writers, maybe we’ll actually be able to entertain someone, anyone.

So whether you’re here to read, write, or admire your own work, feel free to explore and, more importantly, SHARE these posts on social media if you like them.



WSRB looks to promote a culture of respect. Here’s the thing, comedy is comedy, but there is a fine line between a joke and an insult. As writers, we can sometimes push the envelope too far. Be respectful of other writers, be respectful of your readers, and, in general, just don’t be an asshole. Disrespectful or offensive material will be taken down and/or deleted.

Please review the submission guidelines in the “Submissions” page.

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